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BaristaBox® products are designed for containing and transporting only non-carbonated beverages.
                    BXB96 Direct-Brew-To-Box ... Low-Key-Slot Spill Protection

Less Material ... By Smart-Design ... Saves 34% (vs. Brand "X")

Less Material ... GenII 3-Gallon ... Saves 22% (vs. Brand "X")

                       ... More Savings ... No P/U, Clean-up or Storage

Temperature Hold Times ... Same as Always ... 2 to 3+ Hours
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The BaristaBox® is not just a coffee box - think hot chocolate, tea (hot or cold), juice drinks, hot spiced cider- if it's a beverage and you need a one-way, portable/strong container, again, think The BaristaBox®!
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Questions about pricing, options, customization or just want to talk about how we can help you save money on your coffee boxes to go, contact Ron Hill:
BaristaBox® vs. "Brand X"
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The BaristaBox® is not any old "Box-of-Joe"
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